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3 Simple Tips for Moms to Help You Prioritize Your Health

As moms, we tend to put our own needs and wants behind everyone else's. We don't mean to, it just happens as we get tapped out with running kids around, cooking, cleaning, working, and just being the glue that holds everything together. You want to be healthier by exercising and eating better, but it just seems overwhelming to try to add more to your plate.

Trying to jump straight in to a healthier lifestyle may not stick if you do too much at one time, so here are 3 simple tips to prioritize your health that you can start doing today!

1. Instead of restricting, try adding something in. Maybe vegetables are lacking in your diet, so try adding an extra serving to a meal throughout the day. Don't drink much water throughout the day (sorry, coffee doesn't count here!)? Carry a cup or water bottle with you; you are more likely to actually drink water if it is with you. And have your kids do the same; we can all benefit from staying adequately hydrated!

If you do a quick Google search, you will find plenty of diets promising magical unicorns and enticing marketing tactics to try to pull you in. Just about every one of them is going to be restrictive in one way or another (i.e. cutting out carbs, grains, sugars, fats, etc.) because if you are looking to lose body fat, a calorie deficit has to occur. What these diets don't usually consider though is overall health and function. Many people are lacking in the basics (appropriate amounts of nutrients by not eating enough vegetables or a wide variety of foods, not drinking enough water, etc.), so trying to limit a diet even more can pose some challenges. Plus, what is the first thing you usually want when you are told you can't have it?!

The other issue with these is that they are often packaged in short time frames (i.e. 21 day detox, etc.). Often times, people do great during challenges like this, but as soon as the time is up, they go back to how they were eating before or they binge on the foods that were restricted, so it becomes a vicious cycle and not many health benefits were actually gained.

2. If you find it hard to commit to a workout, or maybe you are just lost with where to even start, begin by blocking off 20 minutes during your day. During this 20 minutes, do some sort of movement that you ENJOY! Dancing, going for a walk (my favorite time to put on an audio book or podcast I've been wanting to listen to), stretching, running around and playing with your kids; you get the idea.

Exercise does not need to be tortuous nor super structured to be effective. And if you do like structure, grab a buddy (or go by yourself) and hit up a fitness class at the gym or hire a trainer.

3. This one may seem odd, but I think it's an important one to show yourself that you are making progress towards prioritizing your health. At the end of the day, write down 1-3 things that you did that day that you are grateful for and that allowed you to do something for you.

For example: you took the stairs at work today instead of the elevator, you swapped out your usual soda at lunch with water, or you took your kids on a walk in the evening. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, just write it down. Physically seeing it can do wonders to your mindset.

It's important to find the things that work for you while not feeling like you are constantly adding more tasks to your to-do list. Try adding something new in every once in awhile and stick with it.

For some people, these tips may take a bit to turn into a habit, and that is OKAY! Small steps in the right direction is better than no steps. Give yourself grace and if you are serious about wanting to make some improvements to your health, try to commit to these and then you can build from there.

My friends over at Pinnacle Physical Therapy and The Pharmacy at Wellington here in Little Rock will be sharing some more tips on simple things you can incorporate into your life to continue taking steps towards the healthier lifestyle you crave.

I would love to hear your takeaways! Drop me a comment below!

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I am with you! <3


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