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The CrossFit Open 20.1 for the Pregnant & Postpartum Athlete


Here we go! The 2020 CrossFit Open has officially begun and I know you are very excited to jump in. Before diving into strategies for 20.1, I want to remind you of a few important things during this chapter:

  • Athlete brain is real, especially during a competitive time like the Open. The Open puts most athletes in a different mindset to allow them to push harder and faster than they normally would. Before going there, think about your current AND long term goals, way beyond pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy is not forever, but postpartum is. Just because you can do something right now, it doesn't necessarily mean you should.

  • Pregnancy and postpartum is a really great time to hone in on your movement strategies, as well as to build and maintain a solid foundation for your core and pelvic floor. This is to help set you up as best as you can for long term health, strength, function, and performance.

  • This is not the most appropriate time to PR a workout or hit a new max.

  • Risk vs. Reward.

Now, on to the workout. I really love simple ones like this, but they can be deceiving, so move for quality.

15 min. AMRAP

8 alternating dumbbell snatch

10 squat + incline push-up

Dumbbell snatch: Breathe! Try exhaling (lift pelvic floor, draw belly button in and up) as you pull the dumbbell up. *going overhead can put more pressure into the linea alba that is already vulnerable in this stage, so if you catch yourself flaring your rib cage up and arching your back as you go overhead or you are feeling any pulling through your abdomen, DB high pulls are another option. *Although a barbell ground to overhead may “feel” okay when pregnant, you have to move the bar around your growing belly resulting in a change to your bar path which is difficult to relearn later!

Squat + Incline push-up: Breathe with each movement. Try exhaling out of the bottom of the squat and through the range of motion on the push-ups. *Due to the high impact and body positioning for burpees, they tend to put more pressure into the linea alba and the pelvic floor (e.g. coning of the abdomen, leaking, and/or heaviness in the pelvic region).

***Things to watch for*** -heaviness/bulging feeling in your pelvic region -coning/doming of the abdomen -leaking -holding your breath -pain

As part of the #ppaopenchallenge, the Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism team and I will be providing you support, guidance, and strategies to use throughout the Open. We are here to cheer you on, where ever you are at in your life, and to challenge you to participate differently in these chapters.

Lastly, make it fun!! Enjoy the community atmosphere and if you don't feel like participating, don't!

I would love to hear your takeaways! Drop me a comment below!

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I am with you! <3


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