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Core Restore for Fit Moms

A postpartum return to exercise program to get mamas back into doing what they love!


Becoming a mom comes with a lot of new territory. There is so much focus on the baby and their needs that your own needs might get pushed to the wayside.

You want to get back to your workouts, but it is overwhelming to even think about getting back to the gym and exercising the way you once did.

There are programs online promising to "get your body back", but most of these programs miss the mark and have VERY LITTLE, if any, to do with how a postpartum body needs to approach returning to exercise differently with core and pelvic floor health in mind in order to set up for long term performance and function.


And this is why Core Restore for Fit Moms was created. For YOU. To help guide you through this chapter and empower you on your journey.


Before releasing it, I need help from some volunteers to test out a few workouts.


How does this work?!

  • As a Core Restore for Fit Moms beta tester, you will get a NEW workout every week to your email. This program has not yet been released, so this is a chance to try some of the workouts early for FREE, and you give me feedback in return.

  • Each workout will take 30-45 minutes and require minimal equipment - bands, dumbbells, and an optional kettlebell.

  • You will have one week to test the workout and submit your feedback before the next workout is released to you. You will be given very simple questions to answer about the workout (by responding through email that will take less than a minute).

  • Your feedback is INVALUABLE. I will be closely examining all feedback and take it all into consideration to make this program the best it can be.

It is that simple! If you DO want to volunteer as a beta tester, click the SIGN UP button below. 

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