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fitness should be FUn, inclusive, and empowering for kids

Recess is an 8 week in-person fitness program for kids that prioritizes movement in a safe, inclusive, and body positive environment that strives to show kids that fitness and being strong can and should be a fun part of their lives.

The sessions will be coached by youth sports specialist, Quincey Johnson.

Your child will:  

  • build a strong foundation in movement that prioritizes games and fun activities to set them up for a lifelong enjoyment of movement

  • learn how to work as a team with other participants, cheer each other on, and make each friend feel included

  • safely strengthen their overall body by moving intentionally

  • be educated and guided on how to safely navigate a gym setting 

*Please note that while movement adjustments will ALWAYS be given to ensure your child is moving in a way that feels good for them, if they are currently experiencing pain or symptoms that are not well-managed, please reach out to Anna HERE

Meet on Fridays 5-5:45PM beginning Friday, September 8th for 8 weeks

Location: Roland, AR

K-5th grades

meet your coach

Coach Quincey grew up on the lake, could waterski before she could walk, was the original “studio kid” at her mom’s yoga school in Benton in the 90s - complete with a high pony an unitard.

Fitness has ranged from waterskiing, swimming, weight lifting, CrossFitting, personal training, dance parties in mom’s empty studio with the studio stereo blaring, yoga practice, and simply enjoying time outside.


Quincey learned from several of her coaches what she truly valued in a coach. Based on those experiences her goal is to be who she needed when she was younger.


All movement for littles needs to be fun and intentional with the emphasis on FUN.

The feeling of success and accomplishment after a challenge is a huge part of Quincey’s training.

The 3 main goals for Quincey’s athletes in each practice are: 

1. To do something they are proud of.

2. To do give their best effort.

3. Be kind and respectful to themselves and others.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work? 

Upon registering through the payment link, you will be sent an email from Bolte Fitness with information on the address, a health questionnaire to fill out, and other pertinent details. Recess meets for 45 minutes on Fridays (beginning September 8th) at 5PM in Roland, AR.

Is this a weight loss program?

Absolutely not. We want to teach kids to celebrate what their bodies are capable of, regardless of how they look. We encourage a FUN, inclusive, body positive, and diet culture-free environment.

We will focus on developing strength, coordination, flexibility, and team work through activities and games that feel empowering for the children.

This space is an all-inclusive safe space for all children.

How often will I be billed?

Recess is an 8 week program, and you will pay 2 monthly payments ($120/month). Each additional sibling will receive a 10% discount.

My child is brand new to structured movement/

exercise, is this meant for them?

Absolutely! Because of the nature of this class, we will start where each child is currently at and help them feel like an important part of their peer's team. To ensure they get the most out of the program, I encourage you to contact me with any and all questions. Email to discuss further.

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