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build core and overall strength to feel safe and more confident in your body

Core Foundations is an 8 week in-person exercise program that prioritizes core and pelvic floor health to improve strength and conditioning for women that are pregnant, postpartum, or looking for support in building a stronger core.

It will take the guesswork out of how to appropriately navigate exercise and movement during this season of your life, and help you feel confident in progressing into more intense exercise.

You will: 

  • receive individualized coaching in a small group setting 

  • be educated and guided on how to build a strong foundation that considers your core and pelvic floor to set you up for long term athleticism

  • learn how to safely proceed with movement in pregnancy and help set you up for an optimal postpartum recovery by building a strong foundation

  • learn how to safely progress movement, so you are ready to jump back into running, jumping, and lifting weights, WITHOUT feeling like your insides are falling out of you after baby

  • strengthen your core, glutes, and overall body

  • move with intention so you get the most out of your session

  • workout with a small group of women cheering you on!

*Please note that while exercise adjustments will ALWAYS be given to ensure you are moving in a way that feels good for you, if you are currently experiencing pain or symptoms that are not well-managed, please reach out to Anna HERE

Meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1PM beginning Tuesday, Sept. 27th 

Location: Roland, AR

Babies and kids are welcome to come!

If you want to get back to more intense workouts (without overdoing it), feel better in your own body, and actually accomplish your goals under the guidance of a supportive and REALISTIC coach, you are in the right place.


"I feel good and am really excited. Thank you so much for helping me enjoy exercising again. I thought I would never get back to where I looked forward to it.


I told my husband that as long as you are accepting clients, you are stuck with me! I don't want to go back to beachbody fitness."

— anna

hi, I'm Anna!

I am a certified fitness trainer that specializes in working with women. I am a mom of three and I love coffee.

It wasn't until I had my first baby that I realized there was a HUGE missing gap in the women's health and athleticism space, so I took it upon myself to learn everything I could to better support the women I get the opportunity to work with.

I consider myself a lifelong learner and enjoy geeking out on all things women's health.

As a business-owning wife and mom, I fully understand the importance of living a healthy, wholesome life in order to keep up with a demanding schedule. I have a soft spot for moms and moms-to-be, and my mission is to educate women about their bodies so they have knowledge and support to gain strength and confidence throughout their life.


I am so excited for you to join Core Foundations and to help you get stronger and feel safe in your body.


Frequently asked questions

How does it work? 

Upon filling out the registration questionnaire, you will be sent an invoice from Bolte Fitness through Stripe to pay for the first month's session and to reserve your spot. You will then receive a confirmation email with information on the address, a health questionnaire to fill out, and other pertinent details. Core Foundations meets for 1 hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays (beginning September 27th) at 12PM in Roland, AR.

Is this a "body back" program?

In short, no. Bodies change and evolve throughout our lives, as they should, and pregnancy and postpartum are no exception to this. We will honor where your body is at and what it is capable of while helping you feel safe, strong, and confident with movement. We will focus on progressing movement while being mindful of core and pelvic floor health.

This space is an all-inclusive safe space for all womxn.

How often will I be billed?

Core Foundations is an 8 week program, and you will pay 2 monthly payments ($360/month).

I'm brand new to exercise, is this meant for me?

Absolutely! Because of the nature of this class, we will start where each person is currently at and progress from there. To ensure you get the most out of the program, I encourage you to contact me. Email to discuss further.

Can I do this if I have pain, core, or pelvic floor symptoms?

As noted above, core and pelvic floor health will be a priority. I recommend seeing a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to get a good grasp on your specific symptoms and how to best manage (please email if you are having any trouble finding one near you). I will provide appropriate modifications for various core and pelvic floor symptoms to help you learn how you can best manage symptoms with specific movements and continue with the exercise you enjoy!

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