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Becoming a mom comes with a lot of new territories. There is so much focus on the baby and their needs that your own needs might get pushed to the wayside.

There are programs online promising to "get your body back", but most of these programs miss the mark and have VERY LITTLE, if any, to do with how a postpartum body needs to approach returning to exercise differently with core and pelvic floor health in mind in order to set up for long term performance and function.

What it includes

  • Unlimited access to the program forever

  • A 6 week online postpartum training program 

  • 3 workouts each week 

  • A private member portal with the workouts & all other content

  • Over 100 videos on exercise demonstration and movement strategies

Bonus content: 

  • Breathing and postural alignment assessment video

  • Diastasis recti self-check video

  • Mindset adjustments

  • Symptoms and dysfunctions table

  • Warm up and cool down videos

Who is it for?

  • Postpartum mamas who want to return to exercise, but feel overwhelmed and confused with where to start. 

  • Moms who were told they cannot continue intense exercise they enjoy because of symptoms of leaking, weak abs, or pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • Women who feel weak and unstable in their core and pelvic floor. 

  • Moms who don’t want to have to worry about leaking, pain, or making any symptoms worse. 

  • Women who have already returned to exercise, but are experiencing pain and symptoms. 

  • Postpartum mamas who are ready to feel strong, confident, educated, and empowered in their bodies!

Meet Your Coach

Anna Bolte has been in the fitness industry for over 9 years, which has been fueled by her passion for helping people accomplish the improvement of their health and fitness.

As a wife and mom of two, she understands the importance of living a healthy, wholesome life in order to keep up with a demanding schedule.


She specializes in coaching pregnant and postpartum women and is an advocate for empowering women in their athleticism during these seasons.  

Anna is a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach, certified Exercise Physiologist, CrossFit L2, has a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences, and has actively participated in numerous other specialty training in the strength and conditioning realm. 

Her mission is to educate women about their bodies so they have knowledge and support to gain strength and confidence during pregnancy and postpartum.

She works with women both in-person and online to help guide them through their fitness goals.


How does it work?

Upon purchasing, you will gain access to a private member portal where you will find the 6 week program, bonus content, and resources for Core Restore for Fit Moms. There will be demo videos for each of the exercises and all the information and guidance you will need!

What equipment do I need?

You will need dumbbells, a medium band, and a mini band. A kettlebell, barbell, box/bench are all optional additional pieces of equipment, but you do NOT need them.

How long are the workouts?

You should finish each of the workouts, including warm up and cool down, within 45 minutes.

I'm brand new to exercise, is this meant for me?

This program is meant for women who are familiar and have some experience with exercise. 

I'm over 6 months postpartum, will I benefit from this?

Yes! It's never too late to build a strong foundation, progress exercises appropriately, and learn how to manage any symptoms.

How long do I get access to the program?

This is a self-paced program, so you get instant, lifetime access!